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What time may I drop my child off for school?
No student should arrive to school before 8:25 a.m., or at 8:05 if they will be participating in 100 Mile Club. At8:25 amthe cafeteria will open for students eating breakfast and the cafeteria will be supervised. The first bell rings for recess at 8:30 a.m. at which time students may enter campus and go to the playground. Any student arriving before the 8:30 bell must wait in the lunch area, near the benches.

Where should I drop off/pick up my child?
Always drop off student at a curb! Never stop in the middle of the parking lot to drop off a child! In the morning, ALL STUDENTS should be dropped off on the sidewalk in front of the office - Please pull completely forward before stopping. In the afternoon, students may be picked up by driving through the 2nd row of the parking lot to the kindergarten buildings on thesouth curb. Please do not use the PM bus lane on the sidewalk, as you will be blocked in by very large yellow busses! If you choose to park in the street, please watch carefully for NO PARKING areas on the horse trail, private property driveways andstreets,and the flood control gates.

How much is a school lunch, and how should I pay for it?
School lunches cost $2.75 each day. Students may pay cash daily, or you may put money in their lunch account to be sure there is a little extra if money is forgotten. Click on the button below to pay for school lunches and monitor accounts on-line. Click on the"Child Nutrition" link onour home page.

If a student forgets their money 2 days in a row, they will receive an "oops" lunch, in which the entree is replaced with a smaller item, and they may choose a drink and items from the fruit/salad bar only. This may be upsetting for your child, so please have a day extra in their account, if possible.

What is the best way to contact my child's teacher?

We are unable to forward calls into the classroom during instructional time, however we are always happy to give phone messages to your child's teacher. Our teachers all have access to district email, so you may request to contact them in that way. Many teachers are available for conferencing before and after school with advance notice and an appointment. Classroom instruction begins at 8:45 a.m., and by this time all conferencing should be finished and teachers in the classroom. If you are visiting campus during instructional hours youmust sign inand receive a visitor sticker in the office.


What is considered an "excused" absence, and how do I contact the school regarding my child's absence?Excused absences are for illness, doctor's appointments, or other emergency situations. Our school attendance goal is 97%, which means that each child can only miss 5 days of school each year! Often times children complain of minor pains, stomachache and headaches that go away within a short period of time, or are forgotten as the school day gets very busy! If they're good enough to play, they're good enough to stay! Help us reach our goal by only keeping your child from school during illness and emergency. When your child is absent, please call 736-3348 to excuse them with our attendance clerk. This number has voicemail for messages after hours, so you may call at any time (press 5 for attendance).

What is the dress code for elementary school? What can't my child wear?
The district Parent/Student Handbook contains the dress code policy for Corona-Norco Schools. At Norco Elementary, we tell students in our annual High Expectations Assembly that they should always be "dressed for success." Proper shoes include sneakers and any shoe with a hard sole. Flip-flops are not allowed as they are not safe for outdoor play and P.E. Pants must fit - no sagging! Underclothes should not be visible, and this includes bra straps that can be seen under a spaghetti strap top. There should not be graphics or logos that are inappropriate or distracting. This will be determined by the teacher or administration. Hats are not allowed indoors, and outdoors they need to have the bill facing forward. Dress code violations will be addressed by a warning, and possible request for a change of clothes. If there is ever a question on proper clothing, it is probably best to wear a different outfit for the day, and ask our advice on the questionable item.

Can my child's birthday be celebrated at school?
Birthdays are very special days! There are many ways to make a child feel special on their birthday, and this may include recognition in the classroom by a song, crown, picture, or other small reward. In support of the School Board and the District Wellness Policy,FOOD IS NOT USED TO CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYSat Norco Elementary. This means that cupcakes, cakes, snacks and classroom birthday parties are not allowed.

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